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Stenciled Wall vs. Wallpaper

Stenciled Wall vs. Wallpaper

When decorating a home, sometimes you may run into a wall that just needs a little extra love. Adding color and pattern as an accent wall or even to a whole room can be such an awesome way to add some personality to a room. Sometimes a way to do this is to add some wallpaper but today we are going to talk about the amazing, cost effective, fun DIY alternative: Stenciling!

Some wallpapers can get SUPER pricey after getting all the rolls you need to fit the space and it also can just be a paint to put up. Not only is the installation of the wallpaper a lot but also taking it down is such a burden if you ever decide to change up the look of the room!

The Benefits of Stenciling a Wall

  • Cost Effective - The only costs of stenciling a wall are your paint supplies, a stencil, and paints. Depending on the size of the wall, the majority of the paint is the base color and you only need a small amount of paint for the actual stenciling part!
  • Completely Customizable - At Stencil Me Pretty, we have tons of stencil patterns to pick from to transform you wall into something amazing. Once you decide on a stencil then you can choose whatever colors you want to match you space! Unlike wallpaper where you would have to search and search for one that has similar colors to match your house. With stenciling you can pick and choose exactly where you want to place your colors to match your style perfectly. 
  • Easy and Fun DIY - Sometimes you may want to start getting into your home projects and not know where to begin and stenciling a wall is a great one to start with! We have many stenciling tutorials for inspiration to watch before you get started as well. Stenciling a wall does not have to be stressful because if you make a mistake, it's just paint! Grab your base color and fix those errors with your magic eraser.

Top 4 Favorite Stenciled Wall Designs


To explore more Stenciled wall inspiration, head over to Stencil Me Pretty's Instagram.

We also have more in depth videos on our YouTube Channel!

Watch our Stenciling 101 Playlist if you are new to stenciling!


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