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Study & Music Room

Serene visuals should always be a part of your home interior designs. This collection is perfect for decorating bedrooms, nursery rooms, music rooms, or study rooms.
  • tribal flute player stencil
    kokopelli stencil
    from $9.99

    South Western Kokopelli Fertility Flute Player

    Kokopelli is a kachina, or spirit, found in the mythology of the Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest. A complex characte...

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  • clef symbol stencil
    music notes stencil
    from $8.99

    Music Airbrush Piano Notes Template

    Music can be appreciated not just with ears but with our eyes, too! Made for average fans to professional musicians, you can use this music note st...

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  • crown stencil
    keep calm and carry on stencil
    from $8.99

    Keep Calm and Carry on

    Our Keep Calm and Carry On stencil for painting works really well on wood or canvas. This design looks especially nice on plain shirts or canvas to...

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  • london bridge stencil
    london stencil
    from $10.99

    London Bridge

    Our vintage London Bridge stencil for painting are useful to decorate a British-inspired canvas tote bag; A painted wooden art using this stamp sty...

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  • french violin stencil
    from $11.99

    French Elysees Violin

    Have a bit of French ambiance and use our French stencils for furniture painting; Our shabby chic stencils for painting on wood are useful to decor...

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  • bookworm stencil
    library stencil
    from $7.99

    French Country Farmhouse Style Library Sign

    Elevate your house decor and use our French crafting stencils for furniture painting; Our French farmhouse stencil for painting on wood are useful ...

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  • motivational stencil
    win the morning win the the day stencil
    from $10.99

    Motivational Sign - Win The Morning Win The Day

    A quote by Tim Ferriss, the motivation, encouragement, empowerment and drive that oozes from it is and can be life changing! You can use this Win t...

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  • spanish wall stencil
    trellis stencil
    from $8.99

    The Spanish Castle Wall

    Our Spanish wall stencils are used best for painting walls; Use the small paint stencils or large floor stencils for decorating dull furniture; Our...

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  • from $10.99

    Ballet Shoes Gorgeous Airbrush Template

    You can use this ballerina shoes stencil for fabric painting, as well as for walls, floors, wood, and other surfaces. It comes in three different m...

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