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Create a beautiful and presentable scrapbook with our scrapbooking stencils to ensure precise designs and patterns in your projects.
  • honeycomb stencil
    hexagon stencil
    from $7.99

    Honeycomb Template

    Love bees? Here's a hexagon stencil you can use to paint your monotonous lampshade. Decorate your dull rug and paint it using our honeycomb stencil...

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  • christmas decor stencil
    snowflakes stencil
    from $9.99

    Snowflakes Winter Decor Elements

    This is a fun and easy winter time stencil. Perfect for painting on any surface, these assorted snowflakes templates add the sparkle needed for you...

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  • wall stencil
    areola pattern stencil
    from $14.99

    Areola Quilt

    Try something new like using these paint stencils to paint the backboard of your china cabinet. Or put a design on your large, plain ceramic pots. ...

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  • valentine stencil
    heart stencil
    from $8.99

    Ornate Heart - Old French Embroidery Style

    Make your own signs for Valentine or your wedding day. This heart stencil was designed with romantic occasions in mind. Find the surface you'd like...

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  • hounds tooth stencil
    houndstooth pattern stencil
    from $8.99

    Hounds Tooth Patterned

    Transform your home from a bore to adorable! An accent rug with Houndstooth print speaks of classic fashion. You can also spray paint your plain th...

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  • matchbox stencil
    2d box pattern stencil
    from $10.99

    Modern Matchbox Pattern

    Incorporate bold patterns to style your home to get that lively look you want to have in your space. Use our furniture stencils to paint on your ol...

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  • paris bonjour stencil
    parisien stencil
    from $8.99

    French Stamp Patterns Queen Bee - Fleur De Lis

    Use our French Paris stencils for furniture painting; Our French vintage stencils for painting are useful to decorate a French-inspired canvas tote...

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