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About Stencil Me Pretty

Nostalgia is the main ingredient in every stencil. 

How do you make a simple room or lackluster surface evoke just the right feeling? How do you make it your own, and have it speak the language you are interested in listening to? We took these questions to heart and it lead us right into a brand that is centered around nostalgia. 

Stencil Me Pretty is just the right tool for making that feeling real.  Every design has a story, every detail filled with human history, rich with layers of culture, aesthetic beauty, and meaning. We wanted to create environments that were full, and we discovered stencils!


french chocolat stencil

"Founding father" ... and "daughter"

We started this thing as a father and daughter team. Even though Hossein started the company as a solo entrepreneur in 2015, he certainly could not have done so without the inspiration and artistic insight of his then six year old daughter Fatimah. So many years later she still continues to be an important source of artistic prowess, frequently approaching her dad with "the company should make something like this" moments, that often materialize in the form of actual products ;)


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