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About Stencil Me Pretty

Our mission is to enable you to create the look, texture, and feeling that is totally you. 

Here's To The Team Running The Show:

Lara Jalbert Saeid Hashemi

Lara Jalbert


Saeid Hashemi


Hossein Hashemi

Lara is our very first employee and is in charge of productions at Stencil Me Pretty.

She is a Colorado Native, and that’s probably why she’s so into hiking Colorado’s mountains, swimming, and other sports and recreational activities. And yes, Colorado is undeniably the right place to be if you have her outdoorsy personality type. The rest of the team relies on Lara to manage stencil productions and fulfillment, and to oversee the daily activities at the workshop. Lara’s academic background in materials fabrication, welding, and machining makes her an absolute cornerstone for the company.

Saeid is in charge of product design at Stencil Me Pretty.

He moved to the United States not to long ago and started his design career with Stencil Me Pretty right off the bat. He's an engineer by training and uses his background in tools like AutoCAD in combination with his passion for aesthetics to create, test, and edit new stencil designs every day. The team relies on Saeid for new product designs as well as file edits and updates. Customers also rely on him to oversee the design of their custom products so that everything matches their precise specifications.  

Hossein Founded Stencil Me Pretty in 2015 and currently tries to spend most of his time on marketing and business growth strategies.

He also does the administrative stuff, product design, customer service, and a little bit of every task. While getting the business to where it is currently has certainly been a grind, Hossein’s passion for art and the aesthetics keep him excited about this line of work. Hossein’s academic background is in history, media, and art and he holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in these areas. He views Stencil Me Pretty as an extension of his academic research and tries to incorporate his historical understanding of art genres, affect, and nostalgia into the culture and products that we make.


Stencil Me Pretty is a Denver based small business that's committed to using art as a means for transforming surfaces into meaningful living spaces. We want to make it easy for you to create spaces that are totally you. Stencil Me Pretty offers hundreds of designer stencils, and we continue to add to this growing catalog every month. Our artists and designers are inspired by vintage signage in our grandparents' basements, wall patterns we see when we are about in the world, and by nostalgic spaces in the bucolic countryside, farmhouses, coffee houses, and just about anything vintage. We also pay close attention to niche groups with special interests and try to create products that speak to them. This keeps us culturally aware and we are always learning about the ways people express themselves through art and historical symbols. Recommendations and inspiring images from our customers are also something we look to as we continue to expand the collection. We want to create the kinds of designs that speak intimately to you, and represent the cultures, events, memories and feelings you'd want to bring to life.        

Keeping it local 

Stencil Me Pretty is committed to giving back. This is why 100% or our products are manufactured in the United States. Our materials are also sourced locally when ever possible, even if it costs a little more. We are also proud to have grown into a key contributor to Denver's vibrant art scene, having our stencils make appearances in a variety of fun settings around town. Currently, we are gearing up to launch classes, stencil parties, and stenciling on premises, so do keep an ear out for what we are up to. You can always stay tuned by subscribing to our feed.


"Founding father" ... and "daughter" 

We started this thing as a father and daughter team.

Even though Hossein started the company as a solo entrepreneur in 2015, he certainly could not have done so without the inspiration and artistic insight of his then six year old daughter Fatimah. So many years later she still continues to be an important source of artistic prowess, frequently approaching her dad with "the company should make something like this" moments, that often materialize in the form of actual products ;)