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Stenciled DIY Boho Bedroom Ideas!

Stenciled DIY Boho Bedroom Ideas!

Nothing is more exciting than a bedroom makeover! When buying new décor, furniture, etc. for your new bedroom it can get pretty pricey so here are some easy DIY ideas to transform your bedroom into a Boho dream with stenciling for a fraction of the price! 

Boho Jewelry Holder

Jewelry holders can run somewhere from $35-$50 and making this DIY one made it custom to me to make it exactly how I wanted it to look and for a fraction of the price. I used the flame Medallion Center stencil for my design and it was the perfect finishing touch to the piece. We have many Mandala stencils on our site that always add that boho vibe. 

Stencil a Dreamy Wall Design

Stenciled Walls are the perfect way to add that Bohemian vibe to any room. we have ton of patterns that could work for this style but he one picture here is the Tribal Diamond Pattern Stencil and the Moroccan Taza Star Stencil Pattern.

DIY Terracotta Pots

These DIY Terracotta Pots can turn any old vases you have in your house into Boho beauties! Simply mix your paint with Baking Powder to your desired consistency, paint & stencil on your design! To create this design I used the Of Beads and Flowers Tile Stencil along with the Victorian Border Edge Stencil. 

Give your Old Furniture a Makeover!

These Stenciled Peek-a-boo drawers are a subtle touch of pattern to any old dresser with very minimal work! Simply remove your drawers, choose your stencil, paint with minimal paint, let dry and complete! I just the Floral Medusa Damask Stencil for this project but we have tons of patterns to choose from that could work amazing for this type of project! For more furniture flips, check out our Vintage Makeover Playlist on YouTube. 

Mini Tutorials!

All of these projects can be found on our Instagram but here is a compilation of mini "how to" videos of all the processes from our Pinterest page!

More Boho Stencils...



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