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Give Your Space a Farmhouse Feel with Stencils!

Give Your Space a Farmhouse Feel with Stencils!

The Farmhouse style is all about bringing charm and character to your home. This can be so easily achieved using some of our stencils from the Farmhouse Stencil Collection. It will take some furniture flips, accent walls, and vintage looking typography signs here and there to welcome in everyone to your home.

Farmhouse Furniture Flips

Adding a nice white Damask stencil to any bare wood piece of furniture can give it a rustic white wash feeling to fit into the farmhouse feel. 

 This bench began as a chestnut colored stain but I just had a vision for this piece so I stripped off the old stain, added some white florals, and re- stained it Tinsmith Gray. 


 Adding this white antique compass stencil to this darker wood gives an aged feeling to this basic kitchen chair. 

Faded looks are also a big part of making something feel as if it belongs in a farmhouse. For this piece I stenciled in a darker gel stain, waited for it to dry and then went over the whole piece in a Tinsmith Gray Stain to give it that faded whitewash feeling. 

Vintage Typography Signs


For some more farmhouse stencils, check out this video on our YouTube Channel!



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