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DIY Wood Tray with a Compass Stencil

DIY Wood Tray with a Compass Stencil

Looking for a unique and thoughtful DIY gift idea? A recent customer sent us this image of a rather charming project they created that inspired me to write about it.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, painting a compass stencil onto a wooden tray is a simple and fun project that is sure to impress. This project was made with scrap wood, wood stain, paint, rope, and this lovely nautical stencil.  The stenciling portion of this project can be completed in just a few minutes. It's pretty cool to be able to create this so easily when you consider that the finished tray is not only a beautiful and functional piece, but that it also makes a great gift for friends and family.

stencil me pretty compass stencil

Image curtesy of Christin Bernie

The compass stencil used in this project is made from the kind of material that allows it to be used many times over. This design is a long time customer favorite, and its perfect for painting on such surfaces as wood, fabric, and even walls.

To complete this project, you will need a wooden tray, paint, a paintbrush, and the compass stencil. The tray used in this tutorial is a simple, unfinished wood. If you don't have this sort of thing laying around, it can be found at most craft and home improvement stores.

Go ahead and create a gift that comes with a personal touch from you. Let the lucky recipient of your craft know that the tray can be used to serve drinks, hold candles, or as a catch-all tray for keys and other small items.

Happy Stenciling!

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