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Design a Room with Stencils!

Design a Room with Stencils!

Designing a room with stencils is always a fun project and today I am going to walk you through this look using the Scattered Polka Dot Dust Stencil. I will be linking similar items to this look so you could design it yourself! 

So, when I started with this look I began with my wall design using the Scattered polka dot dust stencil using a light grey base color with black polka dots for a modern look. The stenciling process was so quick and easy with this stencil and creates the most airy look which I love. This stencil makes all the polka dots exactly the same shape and size and scatters them oh so perfectly. Here is a quick video of how easy the stenciling process is: 


After the stenciled wall was all complete it was time to furnish and decorate! To pair with the grey polka dot wall I got a plain grey cushion chair with warm wooden legs.

I added a textured pillow  to add a little more interest to the solid grey chair. Also, mixing textures and patterns is always a fun thing to play around with when designing a room!

Added a plain grey area rug to bring everything together. 

To finish off the look I wanted to add a metal plant stand with some greenery to complete the look and add an organic touch.

I love how this little nook turned out and gives such a calming feeling to the room. I love how the solid grey tones play off with the playful polka dot wall. The polka dots almost bounce your eye around the room in the perfect way to take in every aspect. 

The Polka Dot wall truly brings such a unique feeling to this space that I don't think you could achieve any other way. I hope you guys liked this little room design project and hope it inspires you to look through the wall stencil collection to design your own masterpieces! 

Christina Leone | Artist & Craft Blogger | Stencil Me Pretty

Happy Stenciling!



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