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5 Sweet Stenciled Nursery Looks

5 Sweet Stenciled Nursery Looks

Designing a Nursery can be such a fun and fulfilling task and stenciling can add so much character to the look! We have so many stencils here at stencil me pretty and I have hand picked some of my favorites to incorporate into different nursery themed looks. These stencils can be used in a bright and fun way or can be taken in the more neutral Nursery look that is becoming more popular!

Neutral Safari Animal Nursery

This is such a fun simple way to incorporate nature and fun animals into your nursery or kids room! I used two stencils to create this look: The African Savanna Tree Stencil & The African Savanna Animals Stencil. 

Under the Sea Nursery

Turn your nursery into an underwater dream with just one stencil! The Ocean Animals Stencil is full of many sun sea creatures to animate your nursery walls.


Hot Air Balloon Dreamy Sky Mural

Fly through the sky in your nursery using the Nursery Wall Clouds Stencil. I Stenciled white fluffy clouds on a light blue base and then hand painted a hot air balloon to add a fun touch! The hot air balloonscan be changed to any colors to match your rooms color palette!

Buzzin' Bumble Bee Themed Nursery



This happy honey nursery was created using the Honeycomb Stencil Template. I started out this look with a light yellow base color and stenciled on the honeycombs in a yellow just a couple shades darker. After all my stenciling I went in with a hand painted simple bee with a dotted line following it for a fun flying touch. 

Twinkling Stars Nursery

Here I created a timeless classic with twinkling stars for this nursery look. I used the Falling Stars Nursery Column DIY Template on a light grey base color. I added an accent of a glowing yellow to some of the circles in the stencil to add more of a twinkling touch.  

More Nursery Stencils...

You can explore More Nursery Stencils on our site but here are some of my favorites...

Night Owl Stencil for Children's Nursery        LOVE YOU TO MOON & BACK                                                                    

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