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Apothicaire Vintage French Stencil

Why everyone loves a vintage French Stencil?

What is it about French art and design that sets it apart from designs from other cultures? I had some time to think about it this week, how customers are always asking us to add new French patterns, and here are some of the reasons why I think we all love the vintage French look. 

1-  Easy to achieve elegance

Even though the vintage French stencil templates can capture a ton of detail like cursive fonts, delicately wrapped vines, and thin straight lines exemplified by our Parisian Corsets stencil, they are all so very easy to create. As long as you follow the basic best practices for stenciling you should be able to achieve these amazing patterns on any surface of your choosing.

2- The nostalgia

Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and the ambience of the French café continue to evoke our imaginations and our emotions. French culture and architecture made inroads into the Western mind as high culture centuries ago, and still, even the French accent caries a romantic aura with it. It all feels very poetic and a simple design is able to capture all of this in an art piece.   


3- Design Variety

Finally, I think folks love the small craft sized designs with all the variety that one can create in this category. I'm always interested in the psychology of what makes a great crafting project, and this small list captures why I think folks go for the French designs every time. I hope you've enjoyed reading my thoughts. 


I love this compilation that Christina made of the French stencils she created last month.

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