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3 Different Ways to use the Split Chevron Stencil in Your Space

3 Different Ways to use the Split Chevron Stencil in Your Space

If you've been thinking about painting that empty wall in your home but just not sure on what to do with it then keep reading! Recently, I delved into using the Modern Split Chevron Stencil and decided to see how many looks I could create with it using different techniques. During this process I created three completely different looks from just one stencil by switching up my color palette and how I applied the paint to my stencil. These looks went from minimalistic to bright and bold. Lets dive into these looks and how I achieved them! I hope one of these looks inspires you to get started on your future DIY project!

Look 1: Minimal Thin Chevron

This look can really be taken so many different avenues! This look could even be more simple than this if it was just painted with a simple grey and white. I went with an assorted color palette just to create more accent.

The Technique: 

For this look I taped my stencil to the wall and applied my paint only to the top line of each section of the stencil. I used a small flat brush to achieve a nice thin line. I also chose where to place my three different colors at random but the majority of them being the darker grey to create some uniformity. 

Look 2: Skip a Few Chevron

This look will brighten up any space! Although this look is a little more detailed, the outcome is so worth it. I love an assorted color palette with this stencil because it really breaks up the pattern a little bit and creates more variety. 

The Technique:

To create this look your going to want a couple small rollers! The smaller roller the better for this look. I painted the base of the wall white, taped my stencil down and began rolling on my light orange shade with my small foam roller into only certain sections of the stencil. After I had my desired amount of light orange, I used a new roller to paint my dark orange and mauve sections. on each stencil I also skipped a few spots to leave them blank to let the base color show through there. I love the scattered effect that this had on the wall look. 

Look 3: Full Chevron Look 

And the last and final look is simply just the beauty of the full split chevron stencil. Sometimes doing more can be fun and super unique but you can never go wrong with sticking with the basics!

The Technique:

For this look I started with a light grey base, taped my stencil down, and began stencil in a bright white color. I love when my base and stencil colors are quite similar because it just creates a very soft transition in the design. 


The Beauty of Stenciling

Being able to use this one template to create 3 completely different looks is amazing! Stencils leave an incredible amount of space for creativity while being such an amazing assistant for creating flawless designs. These stencils make it possible for you to create the the style of your home exactly how you want it. 

Here is a run down of all 3 processes on our YouTube Channel!

And you can click here to see the Split Chevron Stencil in the shop! 




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