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5 Favorite Products for a Furniture Flip

5 Favorite Products for a Furniture Flip

Furniture Flipping is one of the most rewarding DIY projects there is! Seeing the before and after is always the most incredible feeling seeing how much you can bring a piece back to life. Tackling your first big furniture flip may be a little overwhelming at first so here are my 5 Top Favorite Products to get you started in the process.

Products for The Perfect Furniture Flip:

  1. Chalk Paint - This is a type of paint that requires little to no prep work and adheres so beautifully to most furniture pieces. It is a very thick and matte paint where it gets its name from. The matte finish also helps hide any imperfections in the piece; glossier paint can sometimes enhance any imperfections. And also along with chalk paint comes a wax sealer; a wax must be applied to chalk paint to keep it looking nice and fresh. There are also many different types of waxes: clear wax, dark wax, and even colored! Some of my favorites I've used are from Krylon and Folkart but there are many different ones out there as well!
  2. Stencils! - Stencils are a GAME CHANGER when it comes to making a unique furniture flip. Our website has so many different styles to choose from to add to a piece from French flourishes, modern geometric patterns, typography, mandalas, intricate patterns, etc. Scrolling through all of the stencils sometimes is what inspires me for my next furniture flip. Some of my favorites stencils I've used on pieces are the Tribal Flower Stencil and the Floral Medusa Damask Stencil.                                                                                                             Tribal Flower Tile DIY StencilFloral Medusa Damask Stencil     
  3. Brushes and Rollers - Its best to have a variety of types of brushes and rollers! Dense Foam Rollers are nice for larger areas to apply your paint for a smooth finish. Although rollers are nice for smooth finishes, smaller brushes can come in handy to get in the nooks and crannies in a piece! And when it comes to the stenciling, smaller foam rollers and stencil brushes are best to applying your paint. 
  4. Spackle for Raised Stencil - Spackling can be used to create beautiful added textures on pieces. The process is very similar to stenciling in paint but instead using plaster and a putty knife to apply it! Here is a more in depth tutorial on this Raised Stenciling Process
  5. Before and After Photos! - This is truly such an important part of the process!! Seeing the transformation is amazing and sometimes after you finished a project you might forget how much your truly transformed your DIY piece. Here are some of my favorite BEFORE and AFTERS.

 (Sneak Peak Alert!!) This is the most recent furniture flip here at Stencil Me Pretty that has not been revealed on our socials yet so enjoy this exclusive view of this bright tribal stool flip!

This piece was part of a set! This was the second piece of the two. You can find them side by side here on our Instagram page.

If you've been inspired to start your first furniture flip here is a link to our website for you to choose a stencil to create the most unique piece to fit your space. 

Click here to Choose Your Stencils -

For some more furniture flip inspiration you can watch our Vintage Makeover Playlist on YouTube.

Click here to Watch the rest of our Creative Tutorials including wall looks, tile designs, and crafts - Stencil Me Pretty YouTube Channel


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