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Japanese Kimono Robe Style Ornate Column Template

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Create a Japanese vibe with this leafy vine pattern using our paint stencils for walls. Add this to your nature stencils for crafts, paint them on white blank canvas, frame and hang them on your wall adjacent to each other. You can also use these stencils for furniture or design your throw pillows with leaf pattern and the other one with floral design.

It used to be that everyone who was anyone in Japan wore a Kimono (robe). The garment gradually became more ornate. Women especially preferred their Kimono?s to have floral and colorful designs, which lead to a robust artistic movement. Interwoven flowers and vines were made in a variety of arrangements and perfected over the centuries. This design brings Kimono art into the realm of stenciling so that you can recreate it on any surface.

You can use these Kimono inspired Japanese vine stencils for painting on wood, floors, fabric, and other surfaces. Our stencils come in three different materials: the Standard Brilliant Blue Stencil Plastic, The Ultra Flexible Food Grade Clear Color, and The Ultra Durable Museum or Exhibit Grade White Color Plastic. All three materials are reusable though the thicker material has a much longer life span. These stencils can be custom-sized, for an additional fee. Simply send us a message to have the size tailored to your project needs!

✔️Crafting Versatility: These ornate stencils work well with Furniture, Walls, Fabrics, wood and more. Your item will come with instructions for different applications and paint uses. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

✔️ Multiple Size Options: In order to fit your project, our nature design stencils are offered in a large variety of sizes. The sizes you see for all Stencil Me Pretty products measure the area of the pattern or design only. This does not include the blank space on the margins.

✔️ Arts and Crafts Support: Purchasing a Stencil Me Pretty product will enable you to be part of a crafting coterie, where folks share their projects and ideas. Our team also offers great support for answering questions about your arts and crafts project. We absolutely love playing a role in customer projects and seeing pictures of what you create!

✔️ Easy to Use: These botanical stencils can be used by children and adults alike. You can typically use any kind of paint as well. The Perfect Activity: You can bask in the silence of doing art on your own or make something with friends and family. This is the ideal activity for taking it slow and creating art you can call your own.

✔️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE FROM STENCIL ME PRETTY: We stand behind our products and have a 100% "No Questions Asked" guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, return it for a full refund! Buy from a trusted American brand, STENCIL ME PRETTY.

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