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Food Grade Cake Stencils

More surfaces to stencil!

Would you like to stencil a cake, a pair of jeans, or that heirloom night stand?

Starting mid April, we will make sure we have a stencil for that!

We are especially excited about our fully bio-degradable material being added to the workshop. It is made with bakers and food enthusiasts in mind. Use it for adding pizzas to your cakes, pies,, cookies, and other foods. We'll try and share some fun ideas with you in the coming weeks. Do stay tuned.

The stencil itself will actually be made of food (good American corn).

Stencil rose on cake

That's right, this new stencil material is environmentally friendly, it's flexible and folds nicely around round surfaces. It's also super easy to use. It will be available starting April 15th.

The stencil depicted in the picture is our Corner Flower Rose Stencil that you can see here. Our other floral designs can be found on this page.

Cheers, and please stay safe from the virus!

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