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How to transform a simple door into an art piece!

How to transform a simple door into an art piece!

We used the Kashan Mosque Stencil to create this lovely yellow door pattern. Take a look at the how-to video toward the end of this blog post to see Christina's step by step video that turns an average door into an exquisite art piece.
Here are a few items to consider for making sure your project turns out perfectly.

1- Create Empty Space Margins:

Every door is going to be slightly different, but most interior home doors have various beveled areas that make for an ideal art frame. Try seeing how your stencil pattern might fit that area before applying paint. You may realize that a small blank margin space all the way around might be needed to center your design. Notice how Christina places her stencil in order to achieve a centered pattern.

Kashan mosque stenciled door

2- Select a color pallet that is conscious of the movement of light in the room:

The closed door we stenciled is located in the corner of the room adjacent to a bright sun-facing window. There are certain pallets that the sun rays play off very nicely, like deep oranges, and metallic paints of various colors. Taking these factors into consideration guided our color selection.

3- Mix Paints to achieve desired colors & sheen:

The more you do this, the more comfortable you will feel when you are mixing colors and sheens. Christian achieve the perfect color by mixing colors in order to add the perfect amount of sheen.

4- Use a dauber instead of a brush or roller:

Stencil brushes are great for working in details or for creating strokes, and rollers work well when you need to speed things up and cover a lot of grounds. The dauber on the other hand is excellent for creating a uniformed an more balanced effect. It's great for avoiding paint bleed through and the dauber's spongy quality helps avoid brush marks.

5- Busy patterns and small spaces:

There is something about the relationship between small surfaces and more busy patterns that helps bring them to life. Less crowded design do well in large areas, but may not have enough oomph to make a statement or grab the eye in a small space. This is why the Kashan Mosque stencil with its close geometric patterns does so well with this door.


6- Creating an explicit frame:

Frames always elevate whatever it is that they are framing. Christina's choice to use the beveled edge to paint a frame is the perfect finishing touch for elevating this door to the status of an art piece.

7 - Stencil basics:

Finally, in order for your project to go over smoothly, be sure to follow a few basic stenciling techniques: Make sure your stencil is aligned correctly and level, use very little paint - your brush or dauber should never be dripping with paint, keep a wet paper towel near by in order to fix mishaps and immediately wipe off undesired paint smudges, and have fun.For more stenciling tips and how-to videos be sure to subscribe to our mailing list located at the bottom of this page.
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