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7 Ideas for How to Decorate with Christmas Stencils

7 Ideas for How to Decorate with Christmas Stencils

There is nothing like the beauty and warmth of Christmas in our homes. Stencils can help you make traditional and unique holiday decor in a variety of ways!

1. Wooden Reindeer Signs

Wooden signs are a classic look for any holiday, but especially for Christmas. 

I really like this look because the plaid backdrop gives a real forest feel to the general piece and the reindeer are so appropriate for the season. I began by painting the plaid with painters tape, then used our Reindeer Stencil overtop. It came out exactly how I hoped! 


2. Homemade Palette Reindeer Sign

I really love taking DIY to a whole other level by creating my own surface on which to stencil. I made this reindeer sign by gluing together and staining small wooden pieces and then stenciling it! This design came from our North Pole Stencil.

3. Glittery Red Sleigh Sign

Its not Christmas without lights and glitter, so I enjoyed painting over a wooden sign with our Sleigh Stencil.

I really like how this glitter effect came out: it was simply perfect!!

4. Deer Antlers

I like this look because you can keep up in your home past the holidays since it has a winter appeal. For this style, I also used glitter and paint to make a fun effect. Our versatile Oh Dear Stencil was my inspiration for this decor. 


5. Merry Christmas Ornament

I truly enjoy making Christmas ornaments for our tree and I think it is a fun way to spend time with kids around the holiday. A few supplies from your craft store will give you what you need to assemble this beautiful festive tree ornament! Putting it together is a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle with glue..

I am so happy with how this one turned out and used our Snowflake Stencil for the design. The results were dazzling!

6. Christmas Tree

Following the "assemble-it-yourself" theme, I chose to create a Christmas tree by gluing together similar pieces from my ornament. It is amazing how many crafts you can imagine when you have left over pieces! 

I normally use our Damask Stencil for walls or furniture, but it worked perfectly for this ornament! 

7. Winter Sleigh

There is nothing like a snow sleigh painted in bright red to bring holiday cheer. I like this piece for house decor or a Christmas tree ornament. I also assembled this project with a few pieces of wood that I painted bright red and Elmer's glue.

 Our Snowflake Stencil set can go a long way for so many different types of projects!  

There are so many DIY stencil ideas for the holidays! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more ideas! 

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