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We are running Sweepstakes all throughout 2018!

 Stencil Me Pretty Sweepstakes
We want pictures from your stenciled projects, and we are giving out lots of prizes and free stencils of your choice so that you won't be shy to share. 
Win $25.00, $50.00, or $100 at the end of each month in Stencil Cash just for sharing pictures of your stenciled projects on social media.
Share pics the way that fits your social media style:
1- Share pictures to our Facebook timeline by clicking here!
2- Share your pics on your own Facebook page using #StenciMePretty
3- Share pics on Instagram using #StencilMePretty
We tally up the likes, reactions, and comments at the end of each month and will notify winners of their prizes. There are at least 3 winners every month!!
Thanks for sharing, and happy stenciling :)